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STEP got me tools, got me set up, and I was on my way! Before that, I had hit every roadblock you can possibly imagine.

To find a program like STEP is just a feeling you can’t even describe.

Krysta Belfry
Apprentice Electrician
Vancouver Island

STEP’s success is your success.

Kevin McTavish of STEP’s Victoria office with Krysta Belfry, apprentice electrician. Contact Us to connect with Kevin and the STEP team!

Build your skills in any of 90+ skilled trades, and make the most of a booming construction industry.

STEP is a no-fee service to help BC residents advance in the skilled trades.

► Download this handout and share with your friends and family interested in exploring opportunities in the skilled trades.

Connect your existing trades-related certifications to great opportunities throughout the province; or, STEP can help eligible participants to get the right training, materials, and connections to move your skills and career forward to apprenticeship and journeyperson status.

We work with individuals to assess existing skills and attributes, then to have those skills recognized and help with the steps needed to further their career.

STEP can also connect individuals, training programs, and employers together.

No two situations are the same.  There are several ways we may be able to assist eligible clients; from job placement to workplace skills to dedicated training courses, there are many options available to provide you with a bridge to employment.

STEP is interested in creating a skilled workforce for employers, and a safe work environment for workers.

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