Welcome to the British Columbia Construction Association’s Skilled Trades Employment Program

Get Started

What’s your plan?

No, really.  What would you like to do?  Where would you like to go?

If you’re already certified/experienced as a tradesperson, technician or construction professional and looking for a new opportunity, contact your local STEP office to get connected.

If you’re new to the trades? Get your skilled trades career (and STEP support) off to a great start by going through these four quick points.


What’s your first impression?

  • EMAIL:  While we all appreciate the honesty and personality of an e-mail address like “beerchugga167123@hotmail.com” or “bieber4everxoxo@yahoo.ca“, employers want to know you’re responsible, capable, and professional – and that you can present yourself that way.  Try something including your name and/or initials: “johnwsmith@email.com” or “billiejeanjr@email.ca”, and include that on your résumé.
  • SOCIAL NETWORKS and ONLINE PROFILES:  Employers are more and more likely to look up potential employees on Facebook and other social networks. If your profile picture is your first impression, what kind of impression are you leaving?

Where do you see yourself?

  • THINK ABOUT IT:  Have you crafted something with your own hands, or helped to fix something – and which of those did you enjoy most? Do you like working on a team? Do you enjoy working outside?  Are you interested in a job close to home, or which involves some travel?  Would you like to start your own business once you get some experience under your belt? Are you great with math, quick to figure out complicated puzzles, or are you a little more creative? What skills do you already have that you’d like to use in the future? Answer a few of those questions – it just might help you figure out where you want to go.  Regardless of how you answered the above – there are options in the skilled trades.
  • EXPLORE 100+ SKILLED TRADES:  Learn about the skilled trades programs recognized in BC… there are many more skilled trades opportunities than electrician, plumber, or welder. Maybe a heavy equipment operator? Sheet metal worker? Pipefitter? Roofer? Technician? There’s something for just about every skill set. Check out the full list of recognized trades to learn more.
  • WHAT’S IN DEMAND?:  Do some research – search for recent articles on trades and opportunities, look at job posting boards for the area you want to work, check out websites like the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum, and read the highlight sheet from Construction Looking Forward (which includes information on which trades are needed most).

Create a trades-savvy resume.

  • State a clear objective to what type of job you’d like to have, highlight your relevant work history, and make sure to point out the skills, education, and certifications which have brought you to where they are today.
  • Check out this YouTube video which gives a great overview of an effective résumé.

Contact a STEP trades specialist.

  • Talk to us!   Click here to find the STEP representative nearest you.  We’re a no-fee program, so all you need to do is give us a call, send us an email, or meet us at an event.
  • At our first meeting, you’ll want to bring your résumé, your personality, and a few thoughts about what you’d like to do to start (or advance) your career in the skilled trades!
  • Our straightforward assessment process helps to go over your strengths, existing supports, ambitions, attributes and more… to make sure you’re comfortable and ready to move forward.